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Jun 052012

I have received one or more free items from the above mentioned company. I only recommend items that I feel are of excellent quality and are a good value for the price offered.




PretzelPete is a small business. These unique flavored pretzels are not found in any large chain stores .   They offer many different and unique flavors of pretzels. I am usually a person who will only eat regular pretzels. So I was somewhat hesitant to try these new flavors. Some of the flavors were beyond my reasoning that should have been combined with pretzels.
The first I tried was The Honey Mustard Nuggets, they were very good. The flavor was perfectly distributed and was not over-whelming. Then I tried Cheddar-Ale, these were definitely my favorite.


Pretzel Pete - Szechuan Pearls; 6x4.5oz                                                                    



PretzelPete also have a new product Pretzel Pearls. These are the perfect size . They have some great flavors Coconut Curry, Szechuan, and Wasabi. I tried all three flavors, My favorite was the Szechuan. The coconut Curry was very tasty but the flavor powder on the pretzel stained my clothes. But, otherwise they were very good.

PretzelPete offer the unique pretzels in  8oz bag 4-pack for $10.     5.25oz box 4-pack   for $9  –  and the Pearls 4.5oz bag 6-pack for $13.  The packages of pretzels are offered in a mixed variety or you can order packages of one particular flavor.


So if you are wanting  to try something new in pretzels, then you should give PretzelPete  Gourmet pretzels a try. I think you will be very surprised with the amazing flavors they offer.


This review was written by Lisa Green on behalf of the CouponGirlsLa. These opinions are my own .


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  9 Responses to “Pretzel Pete Gourmet Pretzels Review & Giveaway”

Comments (9)

    I am tossed between the garlic and cheese and cheddar ale


    I would like to try these


    These sound delish!


    the cheddar ale sounds so good!


    Honey Mustard


    Garlic and cheese sound great


    AAAUUUHHH YYEEEAAAUUUHHH PRETZEL PETE YYEEAAAUUHHH! the cheddar flavor, coconut flavor and garlic flavor all sound like winner winner pretzel dinner’s to me! I would eat those animal style…face first. Look ma no hands! Lol


    Cheddar flavor for sure :)


    wooooohoooooo I won I am so happy.

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