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Apr 272012

Buy One (any) 64oz. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice D

Ocean Spray Cherry Juice Drinks coupon

Exp: 2012-12-31

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  2 Responses to “Coupon: Buy One (any) 64oz. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice D”

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    The worst experience I’ve had at the check out: My husband and I purchased a 52″ HD TV for the family for our Christmas present. We were back by the TVs when we were looking at our 2 coupons that we had. 1 was for $20 off of $50 and the other was $10 off $40. The person working in the TV dept. said that it was ok to use them both, even though it said 1 coupon per transaction. So we figured this was good. The gal in the TV dept. said that since it was over $700, it should be ok. We take the ticket to the checkout. The young cashier couldn’t get them to work. She called back to the TV dept. to verify. It was verified. Still couldn’t get it to work. A manager was called. We were pretty confident. Usually the customer is always right? Not in this case! She insisted we could NOT use both coupons. (one of the coupons, $20 off $50 was for Teachers for teacher appreciation) She would not back down and wouldn’t allow them. We said, “So let me get this straight. We can spend $50 and get $20 off….and spend $40 and get $10 off? So all we have to do is purchase about $90 to save $30? and you won’t allow us to spend over $700 to save the same amount?” My husband and I said to just forget it…we’ll go to Target where we’ll get 5% back….which was a better deal than at that first store!!!! Where’s the logic in this??? We surely couldn’t see it!!!

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